Asia Development Bank Scholarship

The Asian Development Bank Scholarship 2022

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) Scholarship is an advanced program committed to achieving a prosperous and sustainable community, intending to eradicate extreme poverty among people by helping its members and partners with loans, grants, technical assistance, and capital investments to promote social and economic development. ADB’s fully funded scholarship program is available to international applicants […]

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The African Coding Network Scholarship

The African Coding Network Scholarship 2022

Are you an enthusiastic young tech guru? keep reading I have good news for you. The African Coding Network Scholarship is open to young African applicants who are ready to take this paid professional online course associated with Grow with Google and Facebook (Meta) Blueprint to become a digital professional. The Online Learning Professional Certificate […]

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Strategies to Reduce Expenses, Budget Money and Save More Money

One of the biggest scourges of plastic money has been the tendency for people to spend more than they earn. Also, due to hectic lifestyles, people feel a false sense of fulfillment in buying luxuries they cannot afford. This is the greed of man that has somehow led to the current global economic downturn. Therefore, […]

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