Erasmus Mundus Scholarship For E-PICO Msc in Europe 2022


E-PiCo, Electric Vehicle Propulsion, and Control is an integrated master’s course designed and led by partner institutions that share a common vision of electric mobility. It is directly applicable to the industry through the training of future electric propulsion systems, qualified experts.

Through lectures by renowned researchers, practical work on the latest experimental platforms, sessions with industrial specialists, annual workshops, E-PiCo students acquire the most advanced knowledge that will prepare them for the upcoming challenges in electric mobility.

E-PiCo is a 2-year Master’s program offering useful and necessary multidisciplinary topics in the field of electric mobility. E-PiCo will provide technical and scientific solutions to the issue of fossil consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. It is designed to train students in the field of electric mobility to work towards the ecological transition.

Worth of Scholarship

  • Students from partner countries: € 18,000 for 2 years
  • Students from the program country: € 9,000 for 2 years
  • Rates do not cover copies, books, lodging, and meals. However, at each institution, students will have access to college meals, the library, and computer labs. Students are responsible for paying fees related to national regulations (such as insurance).

Who is eligible?

  • Students from all over the world are eligible for an Erasmus + EMJMD scholarship.
  • Students with dual nationality (from a Partner and from a Program Country) must specify the nationality under which they submit their scholarship application.
  • The program countries include students whose nationality is one of the 27 Member States of the European Union and, in addition, Iceland, Norway, Republic of North Macedonia, Liechtenstein, Turkey, Serbia, and the United Kingdom.
  • Partner countries include: All other countries
    They are considered as Students from partner countries. The five-year reference period for this 12-month rule is calculated backward from the filing deadline.

Principles and Regulations of Erasmus + EMJMD scholarships

  • Erasmus + EMJMD scholarships can be offered to students from any region of the world, taking into account the geographical balance: no more than 3 candidates from the same country (with the same nationality) must receive an Erasmus + EMJMD scholarship during the same admission.
  • The candidate/scholarship student declares that they have not already benefited from a previous EMJMD scholarship or from an Erasmus Mundus Master Course / Joint Doctorate scholarship.
  • The candidate/fellow student agrees not to benefit from another EU-funded scholarship program to follow the same EMJMD course for the entire course period.
  • The financial support will be reimbursed by the fellow in the event of fraud or false statements.

How to apply?

  • Upload these required documents (in pdf format) online (link below):
  • All documents to be uploaded to the platform must be in English. If the original version of the documents is not in English, you must upload it with a certified English translation.

1. CV

2. First pages of the passport or identity card indicating nationality

3. Academic title and academic records of all university studies with translation into English, that is, Bachelor’s, Master’s, or equivalent. If the degree is to be earned after the deadline, a certificate from the institution must be provided indicating the student’s status and expected date of graduation.

4. Cover letter/motivation letter

5. Recognized international English exam certificate, no older than 3 years: TOEFL (CBT 220, PBT 550, IBT 80), Cambridge B2 First Test (173 or higher), Cambridge C1 Advanced Test (160 or higher), IELTS ( 6.5 or higher). upper), TOEIC (800). No other evidence is recognized.
6. Proof of residence (for students applying for the Erasmus + EMJMD scholarship): any of the following documents can be accepted (with certified English translation).


  • Students from partner and program countries applying for Erasmus + EMJMD and Consortium scholarships: January 31, 2022 (11:59 p.m. GMT +1).
  • Students (outside the EU) not applying for Erasmus Mundus and Consortium scholarships: May 31, 2022 (11:59 p.m. GMT +1)
  • Students (EU) not applying for Erasmus Mundus and Consortium scholarships: June 22, 2022 (11:59 p.m. GMT +1)

Check out the official scholarship site for more information.

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