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Fully-Funded Summer Internship Without IELTS In 2022


Have you been thinking about how to earn a living wage besides studying? then consider applying for these fully funded internships without IELTS in 2022, available for all specializations and qualifications.
wondering if you are eligible? The good news is that the app is available to all types of students, whether they are full-time college students or recent graduates.

Have you seen questions about how and where I find this internship? No cause for alarm as you have found yourself on this website, consider yourself lucky we will tell you all about some of the most prestigious internship opportunities that are not only available but fully funded and IELTS free.

Listed below is one of the best fully funded and paid internship opportunities to explore around the world:

#1 The World Bank’s Summer Internship Program – is an esteemed initiative available to international students to use their ideas and research skills to lead to a sustainably developed global economy.
Based in the United States of America, the world bank summer internship program seeks international applicants with academic backgrounds in Human Resources, Communications, Accounting, and Finance who are open to this unique opportunity without language proficiency tests such as IELTS or TOEFL..

  • DURATION- The duration of the summer internship is a minimum of 4 weeks.
  • WORTH OF INTERNSHIP : Benefits provided to interns under the World Bank Internship include
    Hourly wage
    $3,000 worth of travel allowance
    Work under the supervision of experts.

#2 RIPS Summer Internship – This is a fully-funded internship program sponsored by the Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM), available to students in the fields of Computer Science, Mathematics, and other related disciplines.
Hosted in the US, where applicants can gain experience from research projects proposed by the public sector and industry leaders.

  • DURATION: The duration of the RIPS Summer Internship is 9 weeks
  • WORTH OF INTERNSHIP : Associated benefits include:
    A stipend of 3500USD
    Travel allowance (one-time airfare)
    Residential accommodation
    Food allowances.

#3 NIG Summer Internship Program – If working on science and research-related topics is one of your passions, then the NIG Internship is for you. It gives students the opportunity to work on innovative research projects both individually and in teams.
Organized in Japan, a place where interns have the opportunity to visit international laboratories, train in scientific projects, and conduct research with experienced professionals.

  • DURATION- The duration of the internship is 6 weeks
  • WORTH OF INTERNSHIP: The benefits associated with the NIG Summer Internship include:
    Return airfare
    Local transport assignment
    Meal allowance per day worth JPY 1,500
    Accommodation accommodation
    Travel insurance

#4 OECD Internship Program – Initiated by the French authorities in the hope of encouraging young students belonging to a wide range of backgrounds to participate in strategic operations and corporate functions in different respective organizations.
Hosted in France, interns will have the opportunity to hone their analytical and technical skills to develop certain personal and professional qualities.

  • DURATION- varies from 1 to 6 months
  • WORTH OF INTERNSHIPS: The benefits associated with OECD internship programs include:
    Life subsidy worth 700 Euros
    Visa support
    Assignments with team members from different backgrounds.

#5 KAUST International Internship Program – This is the perfect international internship opportunity available to those who are willing to contribute their ideas and skills to an international private research institute.
Hosted in Saudi Arabia, where a limited number of interns are selected from around the world from a wide range of academic fields and, in turn, introduce them to research and teach them about sound strategies for conducting research independently.

  • DURATION: The KAUST internship varies from 3 to 6 months.
  • WORTH OF INTERNSHIP : The benefits associated with the KAUST International Internship include:
    1000USD monthly stipend
    Visa support
    Round air ticket
    Health insurance
    Accommodation accommodation
    Social events
    Community Resources.

#6 UNICEF Internship Program – Perfect for those who want to grow professionally, it gives interns the opportunity to do real and meaningful internship assignments.
Organized by UNICEF member countries around the world.

  • DURATION- varies from 6 to 26 weeks
  • WORTH OF INTERNSHIP: The benefits associated with the UNICEF internship program include:
    A modest stipend
    Accommodation to live
    Travel expenses
    Visa support
    A scholarship for internship assignments.

#7 CERN Short-Term Internship Program – This is a short-term internship program where international applicants can work with top instructors and researchers at one of the world’s leading research centers in Geneva.
Hosted in Switzerland.

  • DURATION – It is up to 6 months
  • WORTH OF INTERNSHIP : Benefits associated with CERN’s short-term internship program include:
    Monthly stipend of CHF 1,500.

#8 ADB Internship Program – This is the perfect program for motivated young students who want to improve their knowledge, be affiliated with a renowned international organization, and also prepare themselves professionally to excel in their future careers.
Organized by member countries of the Asian Development Bank from around the world.

  • DURATION-the program lasts from 8 to 26 weeks
  • WORTH OF INTERNSHIP : Benefits associated with the ADB Internship Program include:
    Monthly salary
    Partial airfare
    Experience in the professional environment of ADB
    Possibilities of permanent affiliation.

#9 Microsoft Online Internship Program – This is a virtual internship that gives students the opportunity to improve their customer-facing skills through the use of innovative technologies and resources.
Hosted in New Zealand, interns will be in a better position to accelerate the pace of their business and strategically solve client problems.

  • DURATION: The Microsoft Online Internship is a self-paced program.
  • WORTH OF INTERNSHIP : Benefits associated with the Microsoft Online Internship Program include:
    Free registration
    Free verified certificate
    Add the Microsoft internship experience to your portfolio
    Direct affiliation with Microsoft.

#10 CERN Online Internship Program – This internship program is available to those who are enrolled in bachelor’s or master’s degree programs in nuclear research, physics, engineering, computer science, or mathematics.
Hosted in Switzerland, it provides students with assignments to be completed under the supervision of industry experts, along with online lectures that add to the student’s scientific knowledge.

  • DURATION- The duration of the CERN Online internship is 3 months.
  • WORTH OF INTERNSHIP : Benefits associated with CERN’s online internship program include:
    A decent stipend
    Online workshops
    Online conferences
    Virtual social events
    Experience in technical fields.

My conclusion is if you are someone whose dream is to expand their horizon by learning in a completely new environment, a new city, a new culture, in a renowned international organization. I hope this list of fully paid internships will help you achieve your dream.
So this is an opportunity for you to accelerate your academic progress, build your own networks, and prepare yourself as a determined professional.

If you have any unanswered questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below. Good luck with your internship program.

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