How To Create A Solid Investment Plan


Learning how to create an investment plan is one of the most important things you will have to do if you want to be financially free. Ultimately, investing is just the result of a plan to get you from one place to another, which is why investments are often called investment vehicles. Without a plan, you increase the risk of losing money and decrease the risk of making money, which is why a solid investment plan is essential for financial success.

Most people struggle financially because they don’t know where they currently are, they don’t know where they want to go, they haven’t chosen an investment vehicle or educated, and they haven’t figured out specifically what they need. to achieve your goals. Because of this, people tend to float around the investment world always looking for the next “big tip” to help them get rich quickly.

Investment Planning Process:

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So How should I Plan Investments? Is there a Better Approach?

  • Identify Your Financial Goals – These goals might be to buy a home, plan for children’s higher education, etc. You can classify them as high, medium, and low priority goals.
  • Analyze How Many Risks You Can Take: you are the best judge in deciding how much risk you can take on your investments. Certain psychometric tests can be used to measure your ability to take risks. Risk profiles can be Aggressive, Medium, and Conservative.
  • Identify The Time Frame For Your Goals – You can divide goals based on duration as short, medium, and long-term goals.
  • Identify Financial Products – Now, based on the above points, identify financial products that match your requirements.

Investment Planning: Important Points to Consider:

  • Dynamic process: investment planning and financial planning is an ongoing process. This is not a one-time event. Your goals and financial profile may continue to change. Accordingly, arrange your investments.
  • Realistic – Try to set the target amounts realistically. Consider various factors such as future income growth, job stability, savings rate, etc. The objectives must be achievable.
  • Tax – While identifying investment products, you can check whether they are tax-efficient or not. But don’t buy them just to save taxes. Consider buying them only if they meet your requirements. Also, find out the adjusted tax returns for each product.
  • Rebalancing and Reallocation: Not only do your priorities change over some time, but so do financial market conditions. Modify your investment portfolios based on changing conditions.
  • Track and Monitor – Maintain a portfolio tracker to stay up-to-date on your investment performance.
  • Diversification – Identify investments across all asset classes. Spread your risk. Don’t invest in just one product category.

Being financially free in just 5 years is possible for anyone. No matter what your current financial situation is, you can get rich and never have to go back to work in just 5 years. You don’t need a high-paying job or get-rich-quick scheme, you just need real training on how to create real get-rich strategies. I think many of us are just chasing profit and unnecessarily complicating financial life. Do not only pursue returns but also pursue your goals.

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