How Wellness Brings Sustainability To Business


Whether you are starting, buying, or growing a business, determining whether or not the business is sustainable is critical. There are different ways of looking at sustainability.
Sustainability is something we need across the board. We hear more about this concerning our surroundings. We even hear more about companies being more sustainable.

Wellness is one of the best ways for a company to increase sustainability. Healthcare without prevention is unsustainable. Wellness is the key to bringing that sustainability to healthcare for companies of all sizes and industries.

There are many ways of looking at sustainability, but there is no denying its importance. So how do we practice sustainability in business? It is simple. We specifically focus on each of the five areas and move from there. We’ll see:

Capacity: How much do we have? How many clients can we serve? How many products can we manufacture?

Management: It goes without saying. Is there a company on the planet that doesn’t have a manager? Management also refers to other business systems. You have to manage to be successful.

Maintenance: There’s a reason we have repair personnel, maintenance crews, facility managers, and others charged with maintaining parts of our business. If you don’t keep something, it won’t last long.

Resources: This is something that anyone in business likes. You need resources to get started. Provides resources for employees to serve customers. You provide resources to customers as the core of your business. Without resources, we cannot function.

Impact: The impact that various factors have on your business is summed up in all of these things. When something happens, there is an impact. For every action, there is a reaction. It can be big, it can be small, and it can be something that takes a while to realize. Regardless, there is an impact on everything we do in business.

That is sustainability in a nutshell. You have to take into account the five factors to be sustainable in any field. Business is no different, as you can see. The absence of even one of these things could quickly stop a successful business or prevent a new business from starting.

Wellness is part of the business. With employee health, there is an impact on the business no matter how you look at it. If a group of employees is healthy, they are more productive, it costs less to insure them and there are better results overall.
On the other hand, if the employees are not healthy, there is also an impact. They are less productive, cost more to insure, and the results are not as good.

Think of corporate wellness as a way to reintroduce sustainability into your business. The five pillars of sustainability fit into the wellness model.
As in any field, for something to be sustainable you have to pay attention to capacity, management, maintenance, resources, and impact. As we apply them to business, we see how crucial they are. As we apply them to wellness in business, we see how positively they can impact the bottom line. When we don’t apply them to wellness in business, we see how negative the impact can be.

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