The Power of a Determined Spirit


Determination is a vital quality and action to help us achieve our goals, to help us move forward without taking no for an answer, even when it does not come from within. I want to express why I think it is important to have a determined spirit in life.

There are many simple things available in life that have the power to completely transform life. Not only could they change our lives, but they could also have the power to change other lives. They are some of the initial ingredients of success. One of them is determination. The stronger is the determination of a person who will be more successful in life. 95% of people who fail in life, for the most part, lack a strong determination to succeed.

People who succeed in life are not extraordinary human beings. They are as simple as us; however, they are very determined to achieve their goal. The determination provides us with a strong force that helps us achieve our goals. Many talents fail in this world because they do not have a strong determination necessary to succeed. It is difficult to be successful in this world if we do not have determination.

Kids preparing for track run race start. Kids are waiting for the signal for the race to begin. Closeup of a little boy’s determined face.

Strong determination could transform a fool into a smart one and a lazy person into a worker. It is difficult to stop people who have a strong determination for their goals. They are so aggressive that they can change the flow of fast currents. If a person has a determined spirit, he will learn all the things necessary for success. It is the lifetime determinations of some patients that cure diseases such as cancer.

Some say they are miracles, but in reality, it is that person’s determination. Determination plays a major role in all fields of life. It helps us make our relationships successful, it helps us fight injustice, and it helps us fight the world. We could judge people well if we could judge their determination. The stronger the determination, the more unstoppable the person will be.

I will like to close this article with a statement that has helped me more and more recently, and I think it will help you. Please say it with me (you can say it so many times in your day to yourself or out loud)

“Today, I am determined, I know that everything I want to achieve is in my hands to do it, and at the end of this day, I will be proud of everything I have done.”

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