Top 5 Attractions For Italy Vacations


Italy is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, with incredible sights such as ancient cities, classic works of art, charming villages, majestic natural landscapes, and much more spread throughout the country. It’s also a great place for seniors in particular, with a wide range of great historical tours, wine tastings, educational and language packages, and cruises tailored for foreign visitors on offer. Check out our top 5 destinations to help you make the most of your next trip to Italy.

View of Colosseum in Rome and morning sun, Italy, Europe.

1. The Colosseum.
Rome’s dark past still echoes through the centuries in the form of this massive structure that once hosted the bloodiest battles outside of war. It was the place where the first Christians and enemies of the Empire found their doom. It was the place where mighty warriors would fight wild beasts and each other to death. Today, its ruins still stand as a grim reminder and impressive artifact of a bygone but not forgotten time.

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View of the Pantheon, Rome, Italy, in the early morning

2. Pantheon.
An ancient tomb, a source of natural time, a monument to the gods, and an architectural marvel. All of these terms describe the Pantheon. Built-in 120 AD, it has survived for nearly 2,000 years, attracting visitors from around the world year after year. A trip to Italy is not complete if this site does not appear on the itinerary.

Vatican City, Vatican City State – October 11, 2007: Tourists and Pilgrims at the Papal Basilica of Saint Peter, officially known as Basilica Papale di San Pietro in Vaticano. The Basilica has the largest interior of any Christian Church in the world. It is believed that St. Peter, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus and by tradition the first Bishop of Rome, is buried in the site. The Chancel end and the huge centrally located dome is the work of the artist Michelangelo Buonarroti. The dome is the tallest in the world. To the right of the Basilica the roof of the Sistine Chapel can be seen. Photo shoot in the afternoon sunlight; horizontal format.

3. The Sistine Chapel.
You don’t have to be a Christian to enjoy this incredible structure, which features the work of some of the best artists in the world, including Michelangelo and Botticelli. If you are a person of faith, you will undoubtedly be inspired by history, imagery, and tradition, but if all you carry with you is an appreciation for classical painters, you will not be disappointed.

Elevated view of the stage of the Roman amphitheater of Pompeii

4. Pompeii.
One of the most tragic places on your excursion to Italy is also one of the most fascinating. Pompeii, located near the volatile Mount Vesuvius, fell victim to his explosive temper in AD 79, many scholars and historians believe. Since then, a terrible fascination has gripped visitors, as many of the victims, the “frozen dead” as they are known, remain forever locked in their burning graves for all the world to see. It’s a freeze-frame of one of the most horrible events the world has ever known, and visiting it will give you an appreciation for life even when the history of it all overwhelms you.

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Bilbao, Spain – September 13, 2018: Reflection of the Guggenheim Bilbao museum and La Salve bridge on the Nervion river in Bilbao. The museum was designed by Frank Gehry

5. Guggenheim.
Modern art lovers will get a kick out of missing the Guggenheim on their Italian vacation. Not to be missed if the names Picasso and Dali mean anything to you.

The beauty of nature and the charm of history make this place one of the best in the world for your vacations. Pack a bathing suit and a fascination for the beauty and wonders of the past.

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