Top 7 Honeymoon Destinations In Greece


Greece is a group of 6000 islands of which 227 are inhabited. It can be overwhelming for someone visiting Greece for the first time. So here are the top seven destinations to ensure you have an amazing honeymoon in Greece.

Santorini sunset at dawn village of Oia Greece

1. Santorini

It will seem that Santorini is made for newlyweds. With its wish-washed structures, inviting wine culture, postcard-perfect villages, inviting beaches, and breathtaking sunsets, it’s no wonder Santorini is the most popular honeymoon destination for locals. and visitors looking for romance. Book a luxury suite for you and your partner to enjoy the seductive sunset sipping a good wine while enjoying the excellent cuisine that Santorini has to offer or even take a dip in the infinity pools on the terraces of your hotels. The perfect start to an endless romance.

Sunbeds and umbrella on the beach in Corfu Island, Greece.

2. Corfu

Corfu is the second largest island in Greece. Situated by the Ionian Sea, Corfu is the perfect romantic getaway for lovebirds. Mesmerizing crystal clear waters, majestic volcanic mountains, a monument of a bygone era, and impeccable beaches will seduce you. Surely one day it will not be enough to marvel at the beauty of Corfu. Dive in Paleokastritsa, hike to Mount Pantokrator and explore ancient castles. Corfu offers honeymooners the privacy they need, as it is not very crowded.

Athens, Greece – February 13, 2016: Aerial view of Athens at sunset with an illuminated Acropolis in the background. In foreground tourists and local people in Monastiraki Square. The clustered homes on the hill is known as Plaka.

3. Athens

The capital city, while famous for rustic ruins, has an old-world charm of its own. Pay your respects to the Goddess of Love herself, Aphrodite, when in Athens. Explore the National Gardens, the Temple of Zeus, the Pantheon, and the Acropolis museum on a day trip. The panoramic view of Mount Lycabettus, the Temple of Hephaestus, and the National Museum gives you a glimpse of Greece’s bygone royalty.

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End a beautiful day seeing the wonders of Athens by inviting your spouse to delicious Mediterranean cuisine and fine wine for a perfect ending to a romantic day.

Streets of Plaka in centre of Athens, Greece.

4. Plaka

Plaka is located near Athens and you will love spending a day relaxing and enjoying the fascinating views of the imposing structures. The prehistoric Thera, the ancient agora, the Theater of Dionysus and the Tower of the Winds are the main attractions of Plaka. If you prefer to spend a lazy day relaxing with your spouse, Plaka has the most wonderful secluded beaches for that. Plaka has many shops where you can buy souvenirs to remind you of the wonderful time you spent in Greece.

View of Oia the most beautiful village of Santorini island in Greece.

5. Mykonos

Mykonos is where the crowd is in Greece. Overflowing with pubs and clubs, Mykonos offers you an exciting way to spend the night. Terrace parties, pool parties, theme parties, parties under 30, drag shows after midnight, there are all kinds of exciting parties in Mykonos with rum-based drinks, sangria, and excellent Mediterranean cuisine for the best nightlife experience.

Mykonos port with boats and windmills, Cyclades islands, Greece

There are also other attractions such as the iconic windmill, the Greek ruins in Delos, the maritime museum, the gondola ride in Little Venice, and secluded beaches for the newlyweds to spend a quiet and pleasant time with each other.

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The old town of Nafplion, Greece through stone window

6. Nafplion

Nafplio is a city full of romance. This charming city located in the Peloponnese was once the capital of Greece. The beautiful classic mansions covered in bougainvillea are a perfect sight, many quaint little cafes offer you the perfect places to spend cozy evenings with the love of your life while marveling at the visual pleasure that this magical city offers.

The sheer beauty of this place attracts many people to get married here too and the magic in this place can only be experienced by visiting it.

“The red-tiled rooftops and narrow alleyways of the charming Byzantine town of Monemvasia. The red tiles contrast with the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea. Located in the Laconia region of the Peloponnese, the town is attached to the mainland by a single thin causeway.”

7. Monemvasia

Monemvasia is the perfect place for honeymooners who hate crowds. If you love spending time in a magnificent place that seems to be still in the Greek era in all its splendor, Monemvasia is a highly recommended place for you. Explore this beautiful city by walking hand in hand with your spouse through the narrow cobbled streets. It is very close to nearby historical sites and is also home to many secluded beaches and coves for a romantic getaway. Enjoy a romantic swim in the secluded waters and snorkel to your heart’s content. Lie down by the beautiful beaches and drink wine. Monemvasia has many taverns offering excellent Mediterranean cuisine. Finish your day by savoring a delicious dinner with a bottle of fine wine. Monemvasia is indeed a welcome getaway from the hustle and bustle and large crowds of Santorini.

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