Top Must Visit Attractions In Toronto, Canada


As the largest city in Canada, Toronto receives millions of visitors a year. If you only have a limited time to visit Toronto, knowing where to go and what to see is important to make the most of your time here. Toronto is a big city, but the best places to see are mostly limited to the southern part of the city. Staying somewhere in the center or close to the center, on the subway line, will make getting to all the different attractions that much easier.

The Beach Scarborough Bluffs

Scarborough Bluffs
Anyone who is not a Toronto native probably hasn’t heard of Scarborough Bluffs. It is a cliff that rises to 90 meters and stretches for 15 km long, along the eastern part of the promenade. You can take a walk through Bluffers Park where you can enjoy the view of Bluffs above and visit the beach that is surrounded by Bluffs above on one side and beautiful natural scenery on the other side. I’ve seen people swim here before, but I wouldn’t recommend swimming anywhere along Toronto’s boardwalk as the sewer system runs into the lake (unless you want to grow a third arm). The top of Bluffs is also worth a visit, where you can enjoy the view of the lake below. There are trails throughout Bluffs that you can follow and explore all the beauty it has to offer. If you follow me on Instagram, you will be familiar with lanterns as it is one of my favorite places to shoot in Toronto.

City skyline view of CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from the marina along Lake Ontario

Toronto Harbourfront Center
The Harbourfront is a wonderful path along the shore of the lake. It’s a great downtown spot for a drink or something to eat. You can enjoy the view of the lake, get some fresh air as the refreshing wind blows in from the lake, and you can see Toronto Island. If you are not looking to eat or sit there is a long path along the edge of the lake where you can take a relaxing stroll.

 Condo towers and office buildings in downtown Toronto Canada on a sunny day.

High park
Just west of downtown Toronto, you’ll find High Park. It’s a beautiful 400-acre park, with hiking trails, a small zoo, and even a swimming pool and some sports facilities. Many ponds create a stunning landscape. It is an oasis of tranquility just minutes from the hustle and bustle of downtown life. It is especially beautiful in the spring when the famous cherry blossoms bloom, and in the fall when the leaves change color.

Toronto, Canada – November 6, 2016: West elevation of Casa Loma in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Casa Loma
Casa Loma is a beautiful castle from the Edwardian era. It is the only iconic castle in North America and has even been featured in some movies. Here you can explore the countless wonderfully furnished rooms and enjoy a stroll through the beautiful gardens. There are even tunnels and hidden passages to explore.

Toronto skyline and Lake Ontario aerial view, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Toronto Island
You cannot visit Toronto and not visit Toronto Island. It is a natural paradise just a quick ferry ride from downtown Toronto. Here you can see the spectacular Toronto skyline and enjoy a relaxing walk exploring all that the island has to offer. If it’s hot, you can even lie on the beach and get a tan. If you have children, they will love Center Island, which has a variety of rides and attractions for children and even adults to enjoy.

Skyline of Toronto over Ontario Lake at twilight

CN Tower
Lastly, there is the famous CN Tower. What used to be the tallest freestanding structure in the world at 553 meters tall, before the Burj Kalifa was built (thanks for taking that away from us, Dubai), is Toronto’s most visited attraction. It is incredible to see the city and the lake from above. If you’re looking for excitement, you can also take the seasonal EdgeWalk, which will allow you to walk along the perimeter of the CN Tower’s roof. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart, and I can say that I haven’t, and never will. Possibly falling hundreds of meters to my death is not the kind of thrill I’m looking for.

Toronto City Hall.

Toronto has something to offer no matter what your interests are. If you have more than a few days, the Royal Ontario Museum and Science Center is also worth a visit. Take a look at getting a Toronto City Pass, which gives you access to 5 different attractions for just $ 76 CAN plus 13% tax, saving you 40% off a single entry. However, I would only recommend getting a City Pass if you plan to visit at least 2 or 3 of the attractions; otherwise, it is cheaper to get a single ticket.

If you’ve been to Toronto, what was your favorite activity?

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