What is it like to Study in Italy and Ireland?


If you are a high school or university student, you may be considering studying in Europe during a school break, a semester, or even a full year. Before packing your bags, you’ll want to learn as much as possible about what it’s like to study abroad in Italy and Ireland, to be prepared for the educational opportunities ahead, and to feel comfortable with a new mode of study.

Quality study programs in Italy abroad and Ireland abroad will help you before you travel to enroll in the appropriate classes in Europe that will most benefit your current academic requirements. They will also ensure that you have guaranteed accommodation once you arrive at your European school and that a member of staff is available to ask questions or offer assistance 24 hours a day while you are away from home.

Venice is a city in northeastern Italy and the capital of the Veneto region. It is situated across a group of 118 small islands that are separated by canals.

Other features that a premier study abroad program in Ireland or Italy abroad will offer students is a comprehensive introductory orientation as well as planned outings to see sites of historical and cultural interest off-campus. If you want to study abroad in Italy, you can choose to study at the University of Milan. Here you can spend your free hours visiting the Cimitero Monumentale or the Duomo to experience the cultural heritage that prevails in Milan. If an Irish study abroad program is in your future, you can spend time at Trinity College Dublin looking at the world-famous Book of Kells, an ancient illuminated manuscript.

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Academics will feature prominently in both Italian study abroad and Irish study abroad programs. In both locations, classes for Irish and Italian students studying abroad are taught in English. In a semester program, you can expect to earn three credits per class, with a minimum of four courses taken per semester. You can study a wide variety of course topics, depending on the particular university you choose. Courses in Italy, for example, include subjects such as International Financial Markets, Political Economy of the European Union in the fields of Business and Economics, or you can choose a course on History of the Italian Film Industry or Visual Arts and Communications: from Renaissance to the twentieth century.

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Dublin aerial with Ha’penny bridge during sunset in Dublin, Ireland

In Ireland, you can select either Industrial Design or International Business courses, to name just a small sample of those on offer. Language and culture study courses, while not required, are generally offered, giving students an excellent opportunity to work on language learning both in the classroom and after immersing themselves in the language when traveling off-campus.

For a big boost to your academics, as well as a life-changing experience, study abroad programs in Italy and Ireland are the way to go.

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